Confidence is the new sexy.


Staci LaRue, fitness and nutrition expert, is the creator of Sexy in the Middle, a lifestyle blog for the often overlooked and unheard middle-aged woman. As a mom of two young children, a wife of over 10 years, a business owner in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years, Staci has experienced the lessons, stories, crisis and laughs that come with coaching hundreds of women through middle age.

Women have this power inside of them to conquer some of the toughest aspects of life whether it be parenting or at their job or both. They are true ‘wonder’ women and most of the time they don’t even realize their full potential… especially when it comes to their own bodies.

Staci is passionate about empowering middle aged women and teaching them how to live their best life, feel confident and sexy, and to show them just how powerful they truly are.

Sexy in the Middle encompasses everything from work/life balance, motherhood, marriage and relationships, sex, health and fitness and being middle-aged in a millennium (or, not-so-middle-aged friendly) world.